About us


Lohkva Kindergarten was founded 1st of September on 2010. We are located on the border of Luunja Parish, just near Tartu. In our kindergarten there are 107 children from the ages 2-7 and 34 employees 18 whom are teachers. There are 6 groups in our kindergarten – Nublud, Sipsikud, Sabatähed, Naerulinnud, Nöbininad and Naksitrallid. The names of the groups are inspired of children`s literature. As of 16.05.2022, a childcare group for children under 3 years has been opened in the Varaka Community Center. 

Our kindergarten has a large yard area. Children can climb, run, swing, play football, ride bikes and play in different sandboxes. There is also a hill for sleighing in the backyard.

Inside every group has their own playroom, sleeping area, toilet and dressing room. There is a general dining area for all children. There is an auditorium that is used for musical and physical activities.

We are an innovative, reliable and professional pre-school childcare institution.


Lohkva Kindergarten is a reputable kindergarten that supports families, prioritizes children`s individuality and makes employees want to contribute to their work.

The foundation of all our activities are our core values ​​and the specifics of the curriculum.

We want to develop creativity, environmental awareness and innovation in children and adults through cooperation, care and professionalism.

In 2017, the Estonian Quality Association awarded our kindergarten the Estonian Quality Innovation Award in the field of education. This was a recognition of the well-planned and implemented digital development in Lohkva Kindergarten.

Since 2019, we have participated in several international projects and events.

We have been partners in Erasmus plus projects, Etwinning projects and Nordplus projects. Head teacher Anneli Mõtsmees has represented our kindergarten on the 2019 Educational Expo in Tokyo, Japan.